Electronic and acoustic music design to enhance user interaction.

Festival « Namur en lumière » 2022 : GRAVITY

GRAVITY offers a sensory experience anchored in the rhythms of the body, the music that accompanies them and the audience itself.

GRAVITY is  a moving painting. The public can vary the direction and speed of the work.
The material used as a basis for the video is the pure movement of the body.

The whole is an interactive musical light fresco where light and music serve as a living painting. Music and choregraphy  work as a palindrome which means that they still  are  the same in reverse.

Credits: Music by Stephane Orlando, Choregraphy and dance by Julien Carlier 

Partners: La Clic, Victor B, Cav&Ma

Festival « Namur en lumière » 2022 : Losonnante

Bone conduction audio terminals.

Sound design for a narration written by Mélanie De Groote and Matthieu Collard.

Voice by Fanny Gillard and recording by Pierre Bartholomé.

Bévé articulations

In 2018, Bévé, a Belgian globe trotter artist, is exhibiting his poetic and visual works in the SR Gallery Art in Sablon (Brussels) and offers to compose a soundtrack to his work.

Co-production Centre Henri Pousseur and Eroïca Productions